Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Photos from Temagami - 1

These pictures were taken at Lake Herridge in August 2003, and August 2004. The 2004 visit coincided with the week that ended with the great power blackout.

Lake Herridge is about 11 km south of Temagami, Ontario on Highway 11.

The first two photos show the view From the beach area of Lake Herridge Lodge, looking to the southwest -- on a cloudy day, and on a bright sunny day.

The third picture was taken from farther away from the edge of the water.

Looking back up at the cabin, you can see that the beach is at the base of a gentle slope that rises from the water's edge up to a gravel driveway, not visible beyond the cabins.

The underlying geology is shield rock. The topsoil is a fairly thin layer over top of that, so you can see the tree roots. Despite the thinness of the soil, the trees are solidly anchored.

Although not shown in these photos, there are large rock hummocks in the immediate area. The lake is just off Highway 11.

This is the view from the bay, looking up at the lodge. Approximately 20% of the lodge is visible in this view. There are portions hidden by trees in this photo, and a substantial part of the lodge is off the left edge of the photo. Toward the left in this photo is also a small hill with a recently renovated cabin at the top.

The interiors of the cabins are clean, but they are pretty basic -- this is, after all, a cabin experience. The cabins all have running water, showers, electricity. Laptops will run here :-)

There are opportunities to interact with wildlife. The chipmunks are fearless, although the squirrels are skittish. On previous visits, whiskyjacks have been sighted. There is usually a family of loons (the winged kind) out on the lake.

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Mick said...

Amazing area, I used to tree plant up here. Did you have the good fortune to visit Cobalt? it really is an amazing place. Mick