Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not 3 regular readers -- 4!

After yesterday's post, I got an e-mail from someone I hadn't heard from for years, pointing out that I have one more regular reader than I think I do. That is very cool. So, WT from western Canada -- thanks for the e-mail, and hope you continue to enjoy these occasional maunderings!

Upcoming -- I need to blog about the great 2008 Cross Country Road trip and the second year that the Usual Suspects occupied Lake Herridge.


cdgies said...

I am assuming this is in reference to me?! And yes I love to stop here and read what you have written. It is always entertaining and informative. You aren't really going to be 50?! Are you?!

Do-Ming Lum said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for commenting!

No, it wasn't a reference to you -- I've been in touch with you (even if only by e-mail) a lot more recently than a decade ago.

As to the matter of age -- yes, I am staring 50 in the face -- and 50 shows no sign of blinking or backing down. It is only a bit more than a month away so I need to suck it up and face up to the fact that my decrepitude increases...

I'm sorry that we just didn't have time on this summer's road trip to show up on your doorstep. It would have been fun to catch up in person, compare notes on kids -- you know, do the kind of stuff that old people do :-)