Sunday, April 26, 2009

Star Trek Advance Reviews

The hype machine has ramped up this week. An advance review on CNET dated April 22 from a writer who describes herself as a Star Trek virgin provides reassurance that the new Star Trek movie will appeal to people who have never seen any of the series or the movies.

For hardcore fans like all in this household, the Gizmodo review is more meaningful. "Star Trek will disappoint no one." he begins, and goes on to enumerate the reasons why. My favourite quotes from the review:

The Star Wars cheap shot --
As the lights dimmed and the familiar Star Trek Federation logo slid on screen, the emotion of all those hours of watching Next Generation reruns as a kid came sloshing back into my brain, dripping out of my eyes as tears of pure happiness. I expect that it was essentially the same emotion Star Wars fans felt during the opening credits of Episode 1, but without the massive letdown afterwards. (Ha ha, suckers.)

On updating the look and feel --
That's not to say Star Trek is now gritty—it's just more...modern. And more sexy. Like when you upgrade from a six piece KFC meal to a 12 piece bucket: you're going to get more breast and thigh.

To paraphrase one of the Usual Suspects, I like thighs. They're juicier.

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