Sunday, November 01, 2009

15 Useful Guides

The MakeUseOf website has an article containing links to 15 (actually 16) useful guides that provide a lot of (not necessarily obvious) information for day to day geekly living. Here is the list of guides that the article links to, with my comments:

1 – Internet Guide for the Movie Addict - includes a discussion on how to fix bad/corrupted video files. Unfortunately, nothing on how to remove Vodei encoding.

2 – Internet Guidebook for An Audiophile - this is a howto guide covering internet music, including free sites.

3 – The Incredible Free Manual for Every Mac User - Mac users probably should read this.

4 – The Underground Guide to the iPhone ditto for iPhone users.

5 – Twitter: Best Practices & Tips - some thoughts on how to best take advantage of this (relatively) new communication tool.

6 – The Ultimate Guide to your Windows Mobile Phone - for anyone whose phone runs Windows CE

7 – A Computer Geek’s Smart Productivity Guide - all about time management and productivity. See also the (unrelated) Pomodoro strategy over on the Lifehacker site.

8 – Building a Media Center for your Home - instructions on how to set up a media server for your home theatre/home audio system.

9 – The Only Easy Guide To Computer Networks - this won't teach you how to manage a Cisco-based network with hundreds of hubs, but will help you set up your home network and get it working.

10 – The Big Book of BitTorrent - how to use BitTorrent to download files. The more generic parts of the discussion should also apply to uTorrent and other Torrent apps.

11 – A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide to Linux - Linux is the future of computing, and this guide will help you get started. [Note - I am presenting the title as they appear in the original source, but my editorial instinct here really really wants to change "to Linux" to read "with Linux".]

12 – The Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop - this guide won't replace a formal course in how to use Photoshop, which is one of the most most capable (but also most complex) software packages out there. However, the guide will give you a starting point -- with the guide, and hours of practice, you too can plant a moustache on your co-worker's Christmas party photo.

13 – The Big Book of iTunes - I don't use iTunes or an iPod myself, but I will probably read this guide anyway just to get a handle on the technology.

14 – The Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own PC - an important document if you are going to either build a new PC or if you plan on swapping out and upgrading a motherboard on an old PC.

15 – Laptop Buying Guide for 2009 - a guide to all things laptop.

(BONUS) PSP Up- and Downgrading Guide - a howto guide for PSP owners to help with getting around those pesky lockouts that prevent homebrew apps from working properly.

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Anonymous said...

Very Handy. I needed more timesinks, especially since it looks like I won't be able to come to North America next week. . . Visa fun!