Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Fad!

Beads are wonderful. They are these little bits of three dimensional reality, useless until you use your creative impulse to form them into something greater. I think of them as pixels in 3D.

Lady parts are wonderful, speaking from my perspective as a heterosexual male. I could go into more detail at length, but this isn't that kind of blog :-)

Superglue is wonderful. Who among us doesn't know someone obnoxious that we'd like to superglue to some public building?

Beads plus lady parts plus superglue equals the new body art fad called vajazzling. Explanatory video follows:

I missed out on the fads for tattoos and body piercings. I'm thinking this is a ground floor opportunity for me to extend my boudoir photography ambitions to vajazzler design!

1 comment:

cdgies said...

OMG!! OK being female I find this very funny. I get that it doesn't hurt to have it done but we are talking about superglue which is more than a little difficult to get off! then ther is keeping it clean and the friction factor to consider that could be painful for both parties. lol