Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad News

I have been depressed for the last couple of days by the news that our friend Peter Watts was convicted when his case went to trial this past week. David Nickle has an excellent article as well as a follow-up piece on his blog. BoingBoing also had coverage, including some cogent cultural commentary. And Peter himself proves what a totally classy guy he is with his own blog post.

Some problems can't be solved. At least by me or anyone I know.


Anonymous said...

There aren't many human problems that can't be solved by the careful application of high explosives...

Do-Ming Lum said...

Being non-violent kind of people, the brute force types of solutions don't come easily to us.

The sad thing about Peter's case is that they agreed that the only use of force was against him -- but they convicted him anyway.