Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mid Year Dim Sum Aftermath

More often than not, we've gone for some variation on breakfast the morning after the Mid Year Barbecue. There have been notable exceptions -- such as 2005, when the majority of the Lum clan were sick with the heaving awfuls.

This year, fortunately, there were no stomach bug episodes for anyone.

The Mid Year Barbecue ended around midnight on Saturday. Bob and I traded children -- Brie went for a sleepover with Lisa at the hotel where Lisa and Bob were staying. In exchange, we acquired Robert, who wanted some up-close in-depth hands-on with Quake 4. And of course, we were just the guys to let him do that.

Robert admits to crashing some time around 3am.

Next morning, Jill, Corwin, and I were up by 9:30. Shortly after that, Robert, confronted with Corwin's morning cheerfulness, got up in self-defence. Then Bob called to say that the girls were going for a swim, and they would all eventually get here.

There was time for some barbecue cleanup, virtually all of which Jill did, because I was zoned out. We collected our neighbour Pam shortly after 11, when Bob, Lisa, and Brie descended upon us. After limited debate, we made off for the place formerly known as New World for dim sum.

According to the menu, what was once New World is now Empire Oriental Cuisine, but this is subject to my faulty memory. Might have to go back to verify all this. The food and decor is much the same.

In the first photo, you see Robert and Corwin looking much too happy.

We had an ideal spot -- right beside the kitchen, so all the dim sum carts had to pass us.

Here are Lisa and Bob. What, does everyone except me present such a great appearance after so little sleep??

The food was about like New World's usual standard -- not exceptional, but by no means bad.

Here are Lisa and Brie. Lisa is understandably suspicious of my good intentions.

Both Brie and Pam like shrimp -- which was good, because many dishes contained shrimp.

Here is Jill -- possibly the only woman on the planet mentally equipped (i.e. patient enough) to cope with me.

The service was typical for New World, but my sense was that prices had gone up.

Here is me -- fat, balding, middle-aged, grumpy, not-enough-sleep computer-geek dude. Very happy that another successful Mid year Barbecue is over.

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