Tuesday, June 06, 2006


In response to Mick's comment on the first Temagami post, I looked through the photo collection for photos of the town of Cobalt. Interestingly, I have none in digital format, although there are undoubtedly some in actual photo-on-paper format. (But those are hard to search through).

The best I can offer are a couple of photos of the Highway Book Shop, which is just off Highway 11, fairly close to the exit to Cobalt.

This whole region is quite lovely, and we visit whenever possible. It doesn't hurt that the Highway Book Shop is there -- a drug calling to the addict.


Mick said...

Hi Do-Ming, I have just noticed that you are linked to my site. Yes, I find Cobalt to be a really amazing place. If you wanted a picture or two I could send you something by E-mail. I like to publisize the town whenever possible as I have a friend who lives there and relies to some extent on the tourist revenue. He is the local gemologist. Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

Mick said...

Hi Do-Ming, my I am a member of the CGA who has thus far forgotten to renew my membership this year but will do ASAP now that you remind me. I love gems and did my course about 10 years ago with Richard Cartier as my lab instructor and Karen Howard as my Tutor. My Friend in Cobalt is Ralph Schroetter, I am not sure if he is GIA - Wait, he has the British qualification and the GIA

Do-Ming Lum said...

Hi Mick, My wife was the CGA membership secretary a few years before you joined. It surely is a small world!