Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Kids of Summer

In order to fulfill my ongoing ambition of being a Bad Influence, I ensured that Brie had an opportunity to play Scrabble for money. This happened during the All Barbecue All The Time weekend at the end of June.

My intention of having Brie fund my retirement with her Scrabble winnings didn't pan out, unfortunately. Brie went home at the beginning of July, having spent two weeks with us.

The following week, we accepted a refugee application from Robert, who needed time away from his parents in a high intensity science fiction environment. And where the heck would he go for that but to us???

We took shameless advantage of the presence of both Brie and Robert to not do much cooking. Robert's visit culminated with a trip down to the Danforth for a Greek meal at Mezes, followed by dessert at Demetre's. Note the large container of ice cream, somewhat larger than the kid's head. The funny thing about the sundae is that Jill was away from the table, and I had taken Corwin to the washroom when the waiter came and took the dish away. We gave Robert a hard time for not being able to prove that he had actually finished it!

However, all good things come to an end. Robert's mother, Elaine, whom we had missed seeing at the Mid Year Barbecue, came to retrieve her son. The penultimate event of Robert's visit was an evening at Medievel Times. The next day was Robert's birthday. After a buffet lunch pig-out that could only happen with a sixteen year old boy, Robert and his mother headed home.

Poor Corwin misses not having his buddies around!

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