Friday, July 21, 2006

Pimp My Ride

On the subject of being a Star Trek geek, as noted in my previous post, here is a bit of silliness from Allan Goodall's blog.

Update - here is a photo of my car, just to demonstrate that it isn't as, ahem, nicely decorated as the vehicle that Allan has displayed on his site.

So whaddaya think? White paint, then red racing stripes down the sides, a Starfleet logo...?


Madcat said...

You know, Do-Ming, your car is almost the perfect shape for shuttlecraft conversion...

Dare you!


Do-Ming Lum said...

Hi madcat!

The spirit is willing, but sadly the bankbook is lacking. And while I agree with you that the shape is more or less correct, it just isn't large enough. It really needs to be a mini van!