Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Family Dinner

Every year, the extended families of my mother and her two brothers gather for a number of family meals. These are opportunities for all of us to socialize, catch up, gossip -- all the things that any family needs to do to stay connected. Mother's Day (or a convenient evening close to it) is one of those occasions.

This year, the turnout was pretty good. As usual, we held it in the downtown core in the Chinatown district centred on Dundas and Spadina, at the Forestview Restaurant. The dinner was held on the Friday a couple of days before Mother's Day.

My wife, my mother, my sister, my grandmother, both my aunts, as well as my cousin Kitty were the mothers who were present. We missed my cousin Linda, still recovering from giving birth recently to baby Matthew, and my cousin Anne, living in exotic Mauritius, expecting her second child.

My mother and my aunt:

Jill, my mother, and my grandmother:

My aunt, my nephew, and my son:

Baby Jayden and my cousin Kitty:

My cousins Cindy, Bonnie, and Amy:

Another picture of my mother:

My cousin Wayne recently back from his road trip -- on tour in Winnipeg and Edmonton performing in Morris Panych's play "What Lies Before Us".

It was after sunset when we left. The ongoing street construction had changed the streetscape on Dundas from a busy, crowded place to something nearly deserted.

As always, putting together a summary of the evening in pictures makes it clear that I didn't take enough photos. But still, it was a great evening, and only the start of the 2007 Mother's Day weekend.

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