Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Canada Day 2007

In the normal course of events, our friends Chris and Liza would hold the Canada Day barbecue. However, this year, there was a snag: Liza needed to work over the Canada Day weekend. Her job was to crawl around in a swamp over toward London, determining the number and types of plants in various predetermined plots, part of a continuing ecological study which had been done over many years.

Unable to do their normal Canada Day barbecue, Chris and Liza outsourced it to Michael and Lorna, who proposed that the venue be at our place, our back yard being somewhat larger than theirs.

Thus it was that there were two barbecues in a row at our house over the Canada Day weekend.

The difference was that on Canada Day, someone else would cook and do things. My objective was to sit around and eat and drink my face off, including getting some of the fabulous blueberry pie that I had missed out on the previous day. In addition to the Usual Suspects, we were joined by Bob, Elaine, Robert, and Lisa.

Here then are some highlights of the 2007 Canada Day celebration.

Karl was working on the final book of his "Virga" trilogy, and had not made it the previous day, but was able to come with his family for Canada Day.

Corwin had a new geek toy -- a calculator watch.

Lisa and Bri continued their visit.

Bob was very mellow...

...as was Jill.

For the second time in two days, John and Leanne made the trek in from Burlington.

Michael and Dave share a quiet moment over beers.

Sean (son of Kevin and Sue) and Corwin getting their water guns prepared.

Sara, taking time away from sailing.

Allan, back for more.

Two pies -- a strawberry rhubarb pie and a blueberry pie, hand made by Elaine -- had been held back from Saturday's ravening hordes. I tried to claim the entirety of the blueberry pie, but was made to share it with the undeserving masses. I did manage to get a single small slice out of it, though.

Sherry, being happy...

..and likewise Sue...

...and Liza, back from the swamp.

The group was much smaller, and the day was much like the previous day -- a gray sky clearing to scattered clouds, cool in the evening.

Madeline and Dave talking.

Mark, being happy.

Lisa being exuberant.

Sara, Madeline, Dave, and Robert -- huddling together for warmth after sunset.

Bri and Robin having fun.

Kevin and Sue.

Canada Day sparklers after sunset.

The kids came inside when it got too uncomfortably cool. Robert had cycled through Undying, Halo, and Quake 4 through the day. Toward the evening, his audience grew.

Various adults came inside to sit around the dining room table.

The evening ended with Bob and Jill and I sipping scotch after everyone had left. Bri and Lisa had gone over to Bob and Elaine's hotel. Robert would continue his videogame marathon at our place into the night.

When Bob left, it had cooled even further. The sky had cleared, and toward the south, Jupiter was shining brightly -- a perfect end to another Canada Day.

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