Monday, July 13, 2009

How Cats Manipulate Humans

Researchers have determined that there is an audible component to the exercise of the feline mind control field on the Afflicted. The article is here.

The following result is possibly significant:
In a series of playback experiments with those calls, they found that humans judged the purrs recorded while cats were actively seeking food as more urgent and less pleasant than those made in other contexts, even if they had never had a cat themselves.

If the Afflicted could somehow be shielded from the audio emanations, it is possible that the mind control field might be less effective, and an Afflicted person might be broken free. Obviously, more research is necessary. But it is in such small breakthroughs that the hope continues to be maintained that the possibility of throwing off the feline yoke on humanity's Afficted might be achievable.

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