Friday, June 29, 2007

Brianne Arrives!

Our goddaughter Brianne arrived on Thursday. Her departure point in Texas had been experiencing heavy rain and generally bad weather, so her flight was delayed. One consequence of the flight delay was that her luggage didn't make it.

But Brianne herself is here safe -- bright, cheerful, and ever so much more poised and confident than she was last year.

We got the traditional arrival night pizza, picked up a toothbrush, and headed on home. Corwin, who has been looking forward to this visit for months, was very happy.

After spending some time on hold with the airline, I learned that the lost luggage would likely make it to Toronto on Friday afternoon. The luggage contained some critical items -- an iPod charging cable, and a power adapter for Bri's Nintendo DS. We learned that the NDS can be charged by a Gameboy charger, something which my NDS Lite can't do.

On checking again late in the afternoon, I learned that the suitcase had indeed arrived in Toronto, and was to be picked up at 6PM by the delivery service. Delivery would be within six hours, or would occur the next day.

Since it is now midnight with no sign of Bri's suitcase, I am going to assume that it will be the next day. Luckily, we got that toothbrush, the NDS works, and Bri fits Jill's t-shirts.

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