Monday, June 04, 2007

A Visit With My Cousin

My cousin Tak visited for a week with his parents. They were here last week, having started out on Saturday of the American Memorial day weekend, and taking two days to drive up from Tampa. Tak had used to find inexpensive accommodations, and between his internet skills and his GPS, he and his parents managed to do quite well getting around in the city.

Tak and I are related in that his great grandfather was the elder brother of my great grandfather -- the man whose adopted son became my grandfather.

When my mother left China in the 1950s, she spent three months with Tak's parents in their flat in Hong Kong.

One of the first activities that Tak and his parents embarked on last Monday was to take my mother to lunch. Although we had corresponded, and spoken on the phone, I had never met Tak. This changed on Monday night when Tak arrived at our house. We spent the evening getting acquainted and talking about family history.

Later in the week, on Wednesday, May 28, Corwin and I took my mother, Tak, and Tak's parents to dinner. Jill, who was down with a severe cold, had to miss the dinner, which was at the North York branch of Asian Legend. [Thumbnail review -- excellent food, good prices, recommended]

On Thursday evening, Tak dropped by, and we again spent the evening talking.

Their drive back to Tampa started on Saturday morning, with the plan to take three days rather than two, to make it an easier drive. That being the case, they got home today (or are about to get home).

This week was a great opportunity to talk face to face with my cousin Tak, to visit with his parents, and to gain further insight into our joint family history.

Tak and his parents in our back yard:

Tak and me -- photo taken by Corwin:

Tak's parents, Corwin, and my mother. The young techno dude is engrossed in playing with a Gameboy.

UPDATE: Got an e-mail from Tak this morning - despite being caught by Tropical Storm Barry in Virginia, they made it home safely late Monday night.

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