Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last Day of School 2007

Friday June 22 was Number One Son's last day at school. Grade Two is over.

The last week of school was filled with rehearsal for the Spring gala, the Spring Gala itself, and winding up the year. A couple of days earlier, Corwin was heard to say "If today is the twentieth, then it means there are only eight more days until Brie arrives!"

The actual last day of school was a day of treats and fun -- all the year's work completed. According to his report card, Corwin is reading at about a Grade 6 level -- so I guess the house filled with books has had some effect :-)

Here is Corwin with Miss Cheung, who was also his Grade One teacher the previous year.

After we packed all of his books into the car, Corwin took us down the trail into the park in the ravine behind the school.

This is a pretty significant ravine -- there is a little stream and a bridge. A paved bicycle trail leads (I assume) off to Leslie Street toward the West and Don Mills Road to the East. The ravine is bounded by the 401 to the north. We didn't see it, but there is an old log cabin.

The stream shows every indication that there are certain times of year when it is a lot deeper and faster. This is like a little bit of controlled wilderness in the city.

We found a set of log steps leading off the main paved path. Following the steps led us to a series of odd mounds whose origin and purpose were unknown. Kids playing? Shelters built by homeless people? Something else? Further expeditions over the summer will reveal more.

After our Friday night visit downtown to see and have dinner with my mother, we stopped at Demetre's on the Danforth to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer in a truly happy way.

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