Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Big congratulations to my cousin Amy and her husband Jeff -- twin boys born on June 1!

Dylan was born around 0315 EDT and weighed in at 4.2 lbs.

Adrian was born 12 minutes later at 0327 EDT and weighed in at 4.6 lbs.

As a point of comparison, Corwin (who was a premature birth) was 4.5 lbs, and just long enough to fit on my forearm.

I had gotten the news on Monday afternoon (from Mom) via the intra-familial packet-switched occasional-sneaker net. Thanks to my cousin Cindy (Amy's sister) for providing photos and details.

Amy and Jeff don't look nearly gobsmacked enough :-) Good job, guys! And of course, a rousing welcome to Dylan and Adrian!

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